At Diorio DDS, we have an important goal of providing the best treatment for children. This goes beyond expert treatments and procedures. We want them to be able to see us without being scared!

Gentle Care

Dr. Diorio wants kids to be able to grow up without lasting fear due to a horrible dental experience as a child. He feels like he should apologize for the way many patients are treated at different offices. At Diorio DDS, we always try to make the experience the best it can possibly be. A lot of that comes from being gentle during the treatment and always efficiently communicating.


Even at a young age, dental care is extremely important. Habits formed as a child can continue into adulthood, so teaching them how to properly take care of their teeth can save them from many unnecessary visits in the future. We’ll go over flossing and make sure they are getting to the hard-to-reach areas when they brush.

Away from the office, Dr. Diorio also presents the Colorado Dental Association’s “quit the spit” program to schools, health fairs, and sports camps. This teaches children how dangerous tobacco can be and is always followed by a fun rap song!

Regular Checkups

When your child comes in for a checkup twice per year, we’ll examine their entire oral region to check for any signs of decay or infection. Catching these early will lead to less discomfort and make the treatments much easier on them. We will also complete a thorough but gentle cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar stuck on their teeth.

Are You in Need of a Dentist for Your Child?

If you’re looking for a dentist who will put in the extra effort to keep your child comfortable during their visit, come to Diorio DDS! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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