Wheelchair Accessibility is Easy in Our Office, In Fact, It Was Designed That Way!

We have been providing dental care for patients with “different abilities” almost since we opened, primarily patients with SCI’s and TBI’s. Dr. Diorio has been a member of Craig Hospital’s medical staff as a dental consultant for over 25 years. We see inpatients during their stay at Craig for a variety of dental concerns ranging from routine cleanings to extensive restorative care. We also provide care after their discharge and accessible care for anyone else in a chair throughout the Denver metro area. Early on in our accessibility journey we were recognized by the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition for our access.

The entrances to all of our treatment rooms were designed to allow easy access from manual chairs up to the largest power chairs. We also have hard floors throughout the office for easy rolling.

Para-patient transfers are simple and easy. Our treatment rooms are wide enough for the patient to position their chair adjacent to our dental chair. The armrests on our chairs are easy to move and our dental chair can be raised or lowered so any direction of transfer is always downhill.

Quadriplegic access is simple and easy too, without the need for a chair transfer. We simply push our dental chair off to the side. This allows access for a reclining power chair to be placed in the center of the treatment room. The patient’s chair is now their “dental chair”. Also, anytime a patient is in a reclined position for treatment they are also accomplishing a weight shift. Shifts Happen!

Our staff is very comfortable and knowledgeable in providing exceptional dental care for patients in chairs.

Our building offers accessible parking on the north and south lots. It also has 2 elevators that are on the smaller side, but have been easily navigated by patients with sip & puff power chairs.