About Our Practice

In all of our years of operation we’ve never needed to advertise. From our first patient in 1989 we’ve grown, almost exclusively, by word of mouth through generations of families and their network of friends. Advertising is expensive and is payed for by having very high fees or by having a a large list of patients walk through the door every day.

Dr. Diorio has never been out to provide care for everyone in the Denver metro area. Our standards of care rely on quality service and not a mass-produced assembly line style of dentistry.

We enjoy caring for those that appreciate a quality and effective approach to their health care. The more we know about you, the better care we can provide. Dr. Diorio is not a business to do the most number of fillings at the lowest price. We provide appropriate care for a reasonable/fair fee.

We are not out to be everyone’s dentist, nor do we want to be. Dr. Diorio provides excellent care for patients who want to find their smiles again through great health in a compassionate and considerate environment, whether you walk in off of the street or have been referred to us from a friend or family member. We want patients that appreciate what we do and how we do it.